The Award Ceremonies will take place in Congress Hall II on Lower Lobby.

Russel and Burch 3Rs Award Ceremony

Monday, 25 August, 17:45

The Humane Society of the United States presents the Russell and Burch Award to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of alternative methods in the areas of research (including biomedical), testing, or higher education. The award is named in honor of William Russell and Rex Burch, the scientists who formulated the Three Rs approach of replacement, reduction, and refinement. The Award is a means of recognizing the important role that scientists play in limiting the use and suffering of animals in laboratories.

Charles River Laboratories’ Excellence in Refinement Award

Tuesday, 26 August, 17:45

The Charles River Laboratories’ Excellence in Refinement Award, sponsored by Charles River’s Commitment to Humane Animal Research Through Excellence and Responsibility (CHARTER) Program in cooperation with the John’s Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), honors an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the development, promotion and/or implementation of refinement alternatives. This award is based on the conviction that the humane care of laboratory animals is both a moral imperative and a scientific necessity. The Award includes $5,000 to further the recipient’s scientific endeavors.

Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Award Session

Wednesday, 27 August, 12:00

The Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology (SSCT) was founded 1983 by Bjorn Ekwall to promote collaboration between Scandinavian cell toxicologists. To honour the memory of Bjorn Ekwall and to recognise the achievements of scientists who develop in vitro models for toxicological investigations, the SSCT has started a foundation in the name of Bjorn Ekwall: the Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Foundation (BEMF). The foundation awards an annual prize of 20,000 SEK to an international researcher who has significantly contributed to the field of cell toxicology.

ALTEX Award Ceremony

Wednesday, 27 August, 17:45

The ALTEX prize is awarded annually and goes to the best original article published in ALTEX in a given year. The award consists of 2000 Swiss Francs that go ad personam to the recipient, and is handed over by the ALTEX president in a short ceremony, consisting of a short laudation and a few personal words by the award winner. In 2013, the prize goes to Miriam N. Jacobs for her article:
In Vitro Metabolism and Bioavailability Tests for Endocrine Active Substances: What is Needed Next for Regulatory Purposes?
published in ALTEX 30(3), page 331-351.

JSAAE Poster Award Ceremony

Thursday, 28 August, 9:30

The Japanese Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments (JSAAE) wants to award Asian scientists for presenting excellent results at WC9.

The 9th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences Young Scientists Award

Thursday, 28 August, 11:45

Three awards will be presented during the Young Scientists Travel Award Short Presentations session. The WC9 has provided 41 Travel Grants to students and young scientists whose abstracts have been selected for either oral or poster presentation. These WC9 Travel Grants were awarded based on the quality of the work proposed for the oral or poster presentation. Funding of the WC9 Travel Grants is sponsored in a joint venture by the Alternative Congress Trust Germany and the German Foundation SET.